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For Blitz Pest Control, no work is too big or too small. In essence, we also see it as an issue if you do. It is, after all, your house, and you want to feel at ease there.

It’s difficult to think positively about your home when you have a pest problem, so let us handle it for you. We provide free quotations, prompt, attentive, and courteous service, all at very reasonable prices.

Try the Blitz recurring Rodent Defence Program, which offers year-round protection from rats, for added peace of mind. Customers of this programme gain access to 25% off future pest control services whenever they require them.

Residential Pest Control

Home Pest Control

One of the leading pest control businesses in Dubai is Specific Professional Services Pest Control. We have been providing our services for about ten years and are highly knowledgeable in this area.

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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

For a variety of sectors, Pest Control provides commercial pest control services. The least ideal issue for any business is a pest infestation because it can quickly eat away at your revenues and put your company at risk.

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Rodant Defence Plan

Rodant Defence Plan

Specific Home Services Pest Control is one of Dubai’s leading pest control companies. We have nearly a decade of experience and extensive knowledge in this field.

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Best Pest Control Services

Why Choose Blitz Pest Control?

We believe that today’s businesses value dependability. Blitz Pest technicians are outfitted with cutting-edge inspection and pest control equipment and are dedicated to providing an innovative methodology solution for each assignment.

Our highly trained and certified team goes above and beyond to provide dedicated and dependable support to clients.

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Our Staff is Certified and also expert in pest control services.

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Blitz pest control provide premium Pest services in affordable Rates

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Blitz Pest Control have Fastest Respond Team, we are just a call away.

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Best Commercial Pest Control Services

Our Pest Prevention & Control Can Do More for Your Business

Blitz Pest Control provides adaptable commercial pest control solutions. We can assist you regardless of the type of business you run by preventing pest invasions and treating infestations if they do occur.

Sweets & Desserts
Rat Control
Mice Control Service
Mice Control
Insect Control Service
Insect Control
Bird Control Service
Bird Control
cockroaches Control Service
Cockroaches Control
Drain Flies Control Service
Drain Flies

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It is now more important than ever for businesses and homeowners to understand the dangers that pests pose to their home, facility, and products. Blitz Pest provides innovative pest control solutions as well as a variety of other beneficial services.

Contact us today and let us show you how to solve your pest problem so you can feel good in your home or business again.

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Neighborhood Rodent Control Program

Blitz Pest Control is working to reduce rodent populations in response to the recent increase in rat activity by introducing neighbourhood rodent control services. Neighborhood Roent Control provides significant efficiencies and cost savings.

Please call or email us if you have any questions about our neighbourhood programmes or would like to schedule a FREE ON-SITE CONSULTATION for rodent control.

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For all your residential and commercial pest Control needs in the greater Vancouver area

No one likes parasites, especially when the parasite is making your “home sweet home” a living nightmare. If you’re worried about wildlife, insects like wasps or street ants, or rodents, the trained exterminators at Blitz Pest Control (Environmentally Friendly Choice) in Vancouver BC can help.

Vermin and wildlife removal is our specialty, especially rats, magpies, squirrels and birds. We remove all wildlife humanely and safely and always do the job properly, ensuring all entrances to the home are guarded or sealed to prevent future raids by nearby wildlife.

Our certified and trained exterminators also specialise in custom pest control plans for commercial and industrial clients.

Government-approved techniques for controlling rodents and insects are safe for your family, the environment, and the globe. We don’t frequently employ rodenticides, and we also carry out uncommon in the sector wasp, bug, insect, and lice extermination services that don’t include pesticides.

Our primary focus at Blitz Pest Control is the health and safety of your family, therefore we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible in all of our work. We also think it’s critical to treat Mother Nature with respect.

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Expert and professional service are the qualities that have made Blitz Pest Control the go to company for every kind of pest problem since 2005 in:

Better Then The Best Blitz Pests!

Do you need help getting rid of these Pests? Click to get quotes

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Reviews and Testimonials On Google

Yasmeen ElmassryYasmeen Elmassry
22:56 19 Jun 22
I had a wasp nest in my yard. I called Blitz Pest Control and they came within 2 hours, sprayed the nest, and removed it. Thank you for the fast service. I will definitely use your service again and pass on your number to my friends and family.
Haider ZakaHaider Zaka
05:58 15 Jun 22
I have been having a recurring problem in my roof and courtyard for some months now of Raccoons. And whilst the problem is still currently ongoing with a view to resolve soon, Blitz has been great with taking every call seriously & for honouring their commitment with the warranty period & for working to resolve this. I would especially like to thank Lauren, Jan & Bryan & to the technicians Jade & Ashleigh. Ashleigh in particular took his time to attend to the job, worked alongside my tradesman friend with working around roof tiles, & explained everything he was doing & did this thoroughly.
Tehbib AbrarTehbib Abrar
23:33 14 Jun 22
Signs of wasps at my elderly mother’s house - worried that mum may get bitten. Rang Blitz - they were terrific - came same day and did a full inspection – did not find a local physical nest and did not see any other access entry points where wasps were getting inside the wall due to heavy raining. Technician came back next day and manage to find the access point where they were getting inside the exterior wall.I was amazed at their honesty and sense of fairness. I would highly recommend this company, as they have integrity, honesty, excellent communication, and fantastic service. I can rest assured knowing that my mum's house has no local wasp nests. Thanks Blitz
Aisha AwanAisha Awan
23:11 14 Jun 22
I tried 3 different pest control companies, but they couldn’t find out where these raccoons were getting inside the attic. Finally, technician from this company figured out that raccoons where getting in from the casing of the concrete pillars which were left open from the bottom by the builder. He got inside the attic and scared the raccoons away so they come out to confirm they come out from the same spot and I saw with my own eyes that a big size monster raccoon came out under the pillar from the opening of around 5x5inches gap. He sealed all the pillars and to be sure that all the raccoons are out he installed the trap and made sure all the raccoons go out. We didn’t hear any noise from the attic since then. Highly recommend this company. I am attaching some pictures of the work he has done just because I am super happy with the service
Maurizio AlvarezMaurizio Alvarez
22:58 14 Jun 22
We recently sold a house and inspector found a lot of rat droppings inside the attic. Rodent extermination, attic clean up and crawl space clean up was one of the subject for the finalization of our house deal. My tenants gave me this company’s number and technicians came in the next day and spent 8 hours and hand picked all the droppings from the attic and crawl space, shared before and after pictures to show us to our inspector and realtor. They also sprayed disinfectant inside the attic and set up traps for rodent control monthly service. Thank you so much for this quick service. I have called many companies and apparently this is the only company who provide attic clean up service. Ill definitely use your service again very soon when we buy a new house.

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