Commercial Mice Control

Mouse Control


At the time of our initial visit to your property, Blitz Pest Control will have your residence or place of business fully secured against mice.

Residential Mouse Control

Any mice in the house? The likelihood of having more mice is high if you detect one. Mice roam in packs! At any time of the year, we can assist in preventing rodents from entering your house.

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Commercial Mouse Control

Rodents can live and thrive in any commercial building. To maintain the safety of your products, you must have a rodent management programme if you provide warehousing services or deal with food products.

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Rodent Defence Program

Use the Rodent Protection Program from Blitz Pest Management for year-round rodent defence. Users of this programme receive a 20% discount whenever additional malware removal services are required.

We also have a variety of alternatives to using rodenticides for rodent management. Via our Raptor-Friendly rodent control methods, we provide a completely non-toxic kind of prevention for rats and mice. Our approach offers extremely effective control without the use of rodenticides, and it has been proven to be both safe and effective. To find out more, talk to us now.

  • Year Round Protection from Rodents

  • Entry Point Exclusion

  • Rodenticide-Free Solutions

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House Mice

When it comes to mice, every pest control company handles things a little differently. In our view, the time between an initial inspection, quote acceptance, and the start of your first mouse control service should not be prolonged. Blitz vans are always fully supplied with everything our pest control specialists need to get started right away on our first visit.

More than just mouse catchers, our techs are experts! They possess the structural knowledge and practical abilities to offer long-lasting fixes for the majority of structural issues that can be luring mice inside. At the time of our initial visit to your property, Blitz Pest Control will, in the majority of situations, have your house or place of business permanently sealed against mice!

The house mouse is the breed of mouse that is most prevalent in North America. From white to grey and light brown to black, they come in a variety of colours. These rodents have a good sense of hearing and interacts with other mice by squealing — some audible to people and extends to an ultrasonic range.

Do you know that house mice are renowned for reproducing quickly? One house mouse female can give birth to up to 8 litters a year!

We Are Your British Columbia Mouse Control Specialists!

If you suspect that you may have a mouse infestation, not to worry. Our professional and experienced technicians at Blitz Pest Control will take care of it! Contact us today and we’ll ask all the right questions to develop a comprehensive plan to protect your home or business.

We also offer monthly Neighborhood Rodent Control services. By grouping several neighboring homes under one, the effectiveness and cost savings over traditional service plans is significant.

  • Residential Rodent Defence Program

  • Commercial Mice Control Solutions

  • Poison-Free Mice Control

  • Raptor-Friendly Solutions

  • Humane Mice Removal Methods

Another Happy Customer Review

“They were great to work with, always showed up on time and professional and knowledgeable. They are by far the best pest control company I’ve worked with and I’ve worked with quite a few on my last house. I would recommend these guys to anyone who needs pest services without a doubt. Definitely 5/5 stars. Thanks again for all of your help BLITZ!”

You want to be happy in your home

With Blitz Pest Control, no work is too big or too small. In essence, we also see it as an issue if you do. It is, after all, your house, and you want to feel at ease there.

It’s difficult to think positively about your home when you have a pest problem, so let us handle it for you. We provide free quotations, prompt, attentive, and courteous service, all at very reasonable prices.

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How To Spot If A Mouse Is In Your House

House Mouse Behaviour and Diet

Mice only survive one year in the wild because of predators and unfriendly conditions. Yet, mice can live for two to three years and reproduce a lot in protected places like your home. With a female having between 5 and 10 litters annually, the population can grow swiftly!

Although they may consume nearly anything, mice favour cereals and insects. Keeping your kitchen tidy is crucial to controlling any mouse infestation.

Not quite sure what rodent is living with you?

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Blitz Pest got the right plan Only for you.

Maintenance Programs

Commercial and industrial pest control programmes are Blitz Pest Control’s area of expertise. To meet the demands of your company, Blitz Pest Control can create a maintenance programme that addresses everything from pigeon removal and cleaning to rodent prevention and pest management.

For Hiccup-certified breweries, major construction sites, nursing homes, golf courses, and other large and small industrial and commercial buildings, we provide specific pest management solutions. Blitz Pest Control can keep your pests under control no matter what your needs are.

If you get in touch with us right away, we’ll be pleased to send one of our professionals for a thorough examination and provide you a free detailed maintenance quote through email.

Insect Control

Blitz Pest Control technicians have extensive experience in managing Carpenter Ant and Termite problems within warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

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Rodent Management

Rodents can cause contamination damage to property, food, and other supplies. Our focus is on preventing pest damage and keeping your facility safe and rodent free. We do this by locating and sealing off access points to the structure, placing anti rodent devices in the best strategic locations and communicating clearly any recommendations to our clients.

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Bird Control

Pest birds can cause property damage to roofs and ventilation systems, they can also spread disease. Our Technicians have extensive experience in managing bird problems.

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