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Humane Squirrel Removal in Vancouver DAYTIME SCRATCHING IN THE CEILING OR WALLS?

Blitz Pest Control specializes in humane squirrel removal for residential homes and commercial businesses in BC.

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Squirrels Removals

Your home or place of business will be thoroughly inspected by our expert technicians at Blitz Pest Control, including the attic. We usually include entry point exclusion as a step in our approach to make sure that all potential entry points have been closed off and the squirrels and other rodents can’t get back in.

If it is impossible for us to tell whether the squirrel has left the building, we will install a one-way door (similar to a cat door) that permits the squirrel(s) to exit but not come back in. The entrance point is then sealed on our subsequent visit after the door has been removed.

Do you believe there are multiple squirrels in your attic? In the spring and occasionally in the late summer or early fall, squirrels breed. Contact us to learn more about our compassionate squirrel removal techniques.

Common Types Of Squirrels

There are four different kinds of tree squirrels in British Columbia. They eat leaves, twigs, tree buds, berries, seeds, nuts, and acorns. Gathering and storing food helps squirrels survive. By collecting and planting acorns and nuts, they aid in plant dispersal.

Let’s examine the rodents more closely so you can recognise them and find the infestation’s source:


– Native tree squirrels

– Smaller in size

– Coniferous forest (not cities)


– Most common

– Larger than the native one

– Black or grey

– Adapted to the city


– Nocturnal

– Common in mature forests

– Rarely seen

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Keep Them Out! 

How We Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Home 

The scraping therefore ceases. When will it begin once more? Month after? Next year?

We always include blocking all potential access points as part of our procedure (Entry Point Exclusion). Even while we would adore the opportunity to earn your repeat business, our first priority is to make sure that all potential access points—from the roof to the foundation—are sealed up so that rodents like squirrels cannot return to your house or structure.

Our expertise extends beyond squirrel prevention and removal to comprehensive clean-ups of the impacted region.

Tile Roof Exclusion

In Metro Vancouver, many homeowners choose tiles for their roofs. They are excellent for appearance, durability, and leak prevention. Rats and squirrels may enter homes with ease because to tile roofs, which is a sad fact.

Rodents have a plethora of possible entry locations thanks to the rounded ends of tile roofs. Typically, tiles are highways for rats and squirrels or overhanging gutter lines.

Tiles can be challenging to keep rats and squirrels out since they move. Depending on the size and form of the house, there are frequently more than 100 ports of entrance. Yet it is possible to do it successfully!

Sealing Up Rodent Entry Points

Squirrels, like mice and rats, can enter homes through crevices and gaps, which are typically created by overhanging gutter lines. Here, a grated covering is installed by our specialist to stop rodent entryways.

The integrity of the hardware we install is warranted by Blitz Pest Control for a period of five years. For a free quote, contact us right now!

Protective Netting For Soffits

Prevent birds and other wildlife from roosting

Have unwelcome pests built nests, taken up residence there, or are they just hanging out there? Raccoons, squirrels, birds, and other pests can all be permanently kept out of your structure thanks to Westside Pest Control’s knowledge and experience in this field.

Installation of galvanised wire mesh for pest control at a house is shown.

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Insect Control

Carpenter ant and termite management within warehouses and manufacturing buildings is a specialty of Blitz Pest Control professionals.

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Rodent Management

Property, food, and other resources can be contaminated by rodents, resulting in harm. Our priority is to maintain your facility secure and rodent-free while reducing pest damage. In order to achieve this, we identify and block all points of entry to the building, install anti-roof rodent devices in the most advantageous positions, and properly explain any advice to our clients.

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Bird Control

In addition to spreading disease, pest birds can harm ventilation systems and roofs. Our technicians have a lot of expertise dealing with bird issues.

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