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In Vancouver and the surrounding area, Blitz Pest Control. specialises in entry point exclusion and humane skunk eradication.

When a skunk lives close, it is not a secret. Skunks typically live close to or below ground level and prefer not to climb. Behind hollow concrete steps, backyard sheds, and abandoned garages, skunks frequently make their homes.

It takes very little encouragement to for a skunk to spray. Skunks are normally not hostile, but for obvious reasons, you shouldn’t provoke them!

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We always include blocking all potential access points as part of our procedure (Entry Point Exclusion). Even though we would adore the chance to earn your repeat business, our objective is to make sure that all potential access sites are sealed off, preventing skunks from returning to your house, shed, deck, or any other structure.

Our expertise extends beyond skunk avoidance and removal to comprehensive clean-ups of the damaged region.

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A litter of skunks is born in the spring. For her young, the female will dig a den, which frequently ends up beneath your front stairs or garden shed.

Dog sprayed by a skunk?

How to get rid of skunk odour on your pests:

  • Combine equal amounts hydrogen peroxide (vinegar can be used in place of hydrogen peroxide), baking soda, and one teaspoon of dish soap.
  • Use liberally, then massage into the pet’s fur.
  • Rinse and reapply three to four times, or as needed.

The same formula applies to persons. It works, in my own experience! Tomato juice is not worth the time or money!

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“Skunks digging under the foundation of a Church in Richmond. Westside Pest Control removed the skunks and secured galvanized mesh deep below the surface to keep them out for good!”
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