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Fly Biology

Insects with two wings have an order called Diptera, which includes flies. There are more than 110,000 different species of flies in the globe, and Canada is home to five of the most common ones: blow/bottle flies, cluster flies, drain flies, fruit flies, and house flies. Flies are drawn into homes and businesses in quest of food and are most prevalent in tropical and subtropical regions. Viruses and bacteria are transferred by flies. Effective fly control and fly removal are of the utmost importance to Blitz Pest Control since they pose an urgent health danger to you and your family.

Did You Know?

Thanks to tiny lenses called ommatidia, these compound eyes allow flies to see behind them – 360 degrees at once.

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Facts About Flies

Fly Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

In other words, all flies pose a threat. House flies, fruit flies, and cluster flies are examples of species that essentially transfer and spread bacteria and disease. They can spread infections wherever they land by snatching them up from locations like waste bags. Cholera, dysentery, and typhoid are a few diseases conveyed by flying insects, depending on the species.

Flies are drawn into homes by air currents, food preparation, and disposal. Flies may smell the smell of food inside or outside from trash cans. Certain flies can spawn in drains and trash cans, which can lead to populations growing inside of structures. Flies are drawn to warm buildings on cool days, whereas they may also be drawn to cool buildings on hot days. Flies may bring bacteria into the home since they often breed outdoors in dung, trash, and the carcasses of dead animals.

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Wondering How To Get Rid Of Flies?

Do you have questions about how to get rid of flies? First of all, you should be aware that various fly species call for various fly management techniques. Every variety of fly has its own habits and ideal environments. Whereas moth flies like drains, fruit flies prefer ripe/rotting fruit or fresh rubbish. Blowing flies like dead animals or decaying trash, while house flies prefer to spawn in fresh dung. Discovering active breeding locations frequently depends on positive identification.

Because flies put your health and safety at danger by spreading diseases and chemicals, effective fly control and removal is very important to us. The easiest way to get rid of bed bugs is to engage a Blitz Flies exterminator for home or commercial fly management.

Blitz Fly Exterminators Can Help You

When they appear in undesired locations, flies are a regular source of issues for owners of homes and businesses. The best and safest approach to permanently get rid of bothersome flies on your property is to hire one of our fly exterminators.

Most Common Flies in British Columbia

 Bottle Flies

Rotten meat and rubbish attract bottle flies. Be sure to dispose of both as quickly as you can.

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The most prevalent insect in and near dwellings is the house fly. It is widely distributed throughout the world and well-known in the

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It is known that moth fly larvae can dwell in residential drain traps, garbage disposals, toilet tanks, drain sides, and overflow pipes.

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Most moist, fermenting fruits and vegetables draw fruit flies. They are drawn to things like drains and garbage disposals, though.

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