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We Will treat the bud bugs with High Heat Steam Without Causing any Damage.

Bed Bugs Steam Treatment

Another excellent method for killing bed bugs quickly before they can hurt you or your mental health is steam treatment. Using intense steam heat, bed bug steamers efficiently heat the places where bed bugs are present and kill them there.

Although steam treatment is quite successful at getting rid of bed bugs in your house, it should be noted that because it is a “contact kill,” there is no aftereffect. Although less expensive and more practical than bed bug heat treatment, bed bug steam treatment is still quite effective.

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How Does Steam Treatment Kill Bed Bugs?

We administer high levels of high-temperature steam heat from bed bug steamers to the locations where bed bugs have been found.

Mattresses, furniture, and other difficult-to-handle or throw-away items are all perfect candidates for steamers. Bed bugs are instantaneously killed by the steam that the bed bug steamers emit.

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Birds came back after they were taken out. Technician were supposed to came back last week but he did not. I am glad that he at least informed me a day before that he won’t able to make it and he came back today and put up the birds spike for free. This company really stands by their guaranteed commitment. I had used Blitz in the past too. I understand sometimes especially in summer they get very busy and sometimes they may not make it on time but the good thing about this company is that they always come back for the follow up visits.


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Blitz Pest Control technicians have extensive experience in managing Carpenter Ant and Termite problems within warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

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Rodent Management

Rodents can cause contamination damage to property, food, and other supplies. Our focus is on preventing pest damage and keeping your facility safe and rodent free. We do this by locating and sealing off access points to the structure, placing anti rodent devices in the best strategic locations and communicating clearly any recommendations to our clients.

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Bird Control

Pest birds can cause property damage to roofs and ventilation systems, they can also spread disease. Our Technicians have extensive experience in managing bird problems.

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