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Bed bugs are bad news, but they’re worse than you think, according to everyone. These bloodsuckers, who are masters of the hostile takeover, are devouring Canadian property owners. This particular type of bug is tenacious and famously difficult to eradicate. Property owners must think outside the box when insecticides from hardware stores fail to work. With expert pest treatment, you can keep these tenacious pests at bay and safeguard your home or place of business.

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Our Blitz professionals are thoroughly trained in various extermination and pest removal techniques and are able to handle any job, no matter the size, effectively and properly. Our insect removal methods are environmentally benign, unlike those of some other pest control businesses, so you can be sure that your house won’t be sprayed with dangerous chemicals.

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How does Blitz Pest and Wildlife Control do it?

Bed Bug Elimination Team has various treatment methods and application techniques that set us apart from the competition. Without giving away too much, we integrate a mixture of Steam, Vacuums with 3 different types of chemical and 3 different types of non-chemical treatment types into a 2 service package.  These services are set 10-14 days apart for various reasons and come with a FULL WARRANTY that starts at the end of the second service.  This service package has been tested and maneuvered to perfection by Blitz Pest and Wildlife Control Management.  Each service is based on the same protocol and application guidelines but allows for application rates to adjust because every home, hotel room, business etc. is different.

Blitz Pest and Wildlife Control’s Bed Bug Management team may also offer a Non-Chemical treatment package if requested.  Steam, high heat and vacuum application throughout the unit/home will be used for Bed Bug elimination.  Settings and Preparation must be ideal for this type of treatment. Our team members work closely with the Ministry of Environment to ensure that application guidelines lead to successful treatments.

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Birds came back after they were taken out. Technician were supposed to came back last week but he did not. I am glad that he at least informed me a day before that he won’t able to make it and he came back today and put up the birds spike for free. This company really stands by their guaranteed commitment. I had used Blitz in the past too. I understand sometimes especially in summer they get very busy and sometimes they may not make it on time but the good thing about this company is that they always come back for the follow up visits.


Insect Control

Carpenter ant and termite management within warehouses and manufacturing buildings is a specialty of Blitz Pest Control professionals.

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Rodent Management

Property, food, and other resources can be contaminated by rodents, resulting in harm. Our priority is to maintain your facility secure and rodent-free while reducing pest damage. In order to achieve this, we identify and block all points of entry to the building, install anti-roof rodent devices in the most advantageous positions, and properly explain any advice to our clients.

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Bird Control

In addition to spreading disease, pest birds can harm ventilation systems and roofs. Our technicians have a lot of expertise dealing with bird issues.

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We believe that today’s businesses want a dependable service. Blitz Pest  technicians are equipped with the most up-to-date inspection and pest control equipment and are committed to providing an innovative methodology solution for each assignment.

Our highly trained and certified team goes above and beyond to provide clients with dedicated and dependable support.

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