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Carpenter Ants in British Columbia

Carpenter ants are totally at home in the British Columbia region and its surroundings, where a rainy climate fosters excellent conditions in homes and other structures. Contrary to popular assumption, the majority of carpenter ants on the west coast do not need to establish their homes in a decaying house that is crumbling to the ground.

What To Do to Stop Carpenter Ants

When they enter a house, carpenter ants are typically simple to identify. The insects that cause structural damage are clearly huge and typically black in colour. Carpenter ants can be difficult to identify and locate since they often build their nests in a building’s outer walls and leave no visible indicators within a house. It’s recommended to always let a skilled eye thoroughly check for carpenter ants. For both residential and commercial properties, Blitz Pest Control offers free carpenter ant inspections and estimates.

Have you ever noticed pieces of sawdust laying on the concrete beneath the fascia of your home or clinging to cobwebs on its side?

Well, fragments of material like sawdust are frequently a sign of termites or carpenter ants. Frass is a telltale sign that one of these two pests has infested your home if it comes from either. Termites are the more dangerous of the two when it comes to destroying your house, but carpenter ants may still cause a great deal of harm if given enough time.

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Carpenter Ant Removal


Blitz Pest Control can help you get rid of your Carpenter Ant problem and get your home back to clean and ant-free in no time.

Many of the most effective products require a trained technician who is a licensed applicator. Proper care is essential when treating for Carpenter Ants. It’s best to call a Pest Control company to remove these pests on your behalf.

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No job is too big or too small for Blitz Pest Control. Basically, if you consider it a problem, then so do we. After all, it’s your business, you want your staff and customers to feel safe.

Maintenance Programs

Commercial and industrial pest control programs are Blitz Pest Control’s areas of expertise. To meet the demands of your company, Blitz Pest Control can create a maintenance program that addresses everything from pigeon removal and clean to rodent prevention and pest management.

For Hiccup-certified breweries, major construction sites, nursing homes, golf courses, and other large and small industrial and commercial buildings, we provide specific pest management solutions. Blitz Pest Control can keep your pests under control no matter what your needs are.

If you get in touch with us right away, we’ll be pleased to send one of our professionals for a thorough examination and provide you a free detailed maintenance quote through email.

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How To Prevent Carpenter Ants From Coming Near Your Home

The best way to avoid damage caused by carpenter ants is to keep your home in good repair, and to prevent opportunities for moisture to rot the wood around the building. This is always a challenge in British Columbia, but the good news is carpenter ants will not start an assault on your home by attacking dry wood although they will set up satellite nests in dry wood or Styrofoam insulation. The best defense is ensuring that any opportunities for moisture to do damage are minimized.

  • Make sure your gutters are cleaned regularly to prevent overflow.

  • Ensure the wood siding of your home is not touching the moist earth around it.

  • Don’t pile firewood near the house or let branches from trees touch the building.

  • Remove all stumps and logs from nearby, and check for rotting landscape ties

  • Make sure you repair all plumbing leaks as soon as they’re spotted.

  • Finally, don’t forget to plug up potential entry points, such as utility line holes, cracks in the siding or concrete, and anywhere else that might provide ready access (this said, they are small insects so do not worry yourself too much in regards to access)

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