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Pavement Ants

On the paths around your house and in your yard, ants can be a problem. Any ant problems at your home can be resolved with our assistance.

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Winged Ants

We have ants with wings here, people. Carpenter ants, pavement ants, moisture ants, cornfield ants, etc. are examples of winged ants.

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Moisture Ants

Be careful—they enjoy sweets and will eat any sugar that isn’t covered. They also enjoy wood, which they can utilise to rot the foundation of your house.

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The kitchen is to blame! Most eateries, along with residences and commercial buildings, will become cockroach-infested.

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Pavement ants often live where their name suggests—under sidewalks, driveways, construction slabs, and big boulders. Colonies make an effort to take over new territory in the early spring and frequently assault neighboring hostile colonies. If you’re 5 or 75, these result in massive sidewalk fights that are awesome to see!

Pavement ants excavate the soil or sand beneath the pavement in the summer to vent their nests and create space for laying eggs.

Winged Pavement Ant reproductive and pavement ant workers

Pavement ants are 2.5 to 4 mm long and dark brown in appearance. Almost everything, including insects, seeds, honeydew, bread, meats, almonds, ice cream, and cheese, will attract pavement ants.

The winged reproductive are noticeably larger than the worker ants, as seen in the image above. People frequently confuse swarming pavement ants for the more dangerous carpenter ants. Pavement ant swarms typically appear on the west coast between the first of June and the middle of July.

Winged reproductive ants typically swarm in the spring but have been known to emerge any time of the year in heated structures. After emergence, the ants mate and the queens burrow into the soil to begin laying more eggs.

How can I prevent pavement ants?

Boiling water is all that’s needed for one of the greatest and oldest ant-removal methods! Boiling water is an excellent way to slow down pavement ants when they start to build sand mounds in the yard, on the sidewalk, or on the patio! Over the sand mound, directly pour the water. Although boiling water will slow them down, pavement ant colonies can number in the 100,000s, so you will only be winning the fight and not the war.

Pavement Ant Removal

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These Pavement Ants Make This Path Their Home In BC


Moisture Ants

The majority of ant species have winged reproductives, although these individuals only emerge briefly in the spring or early summer. These winged “swarmers” are typically a sign of a colony that is thriving and well-established, which is an excellent reason to have a specialist assess the issue and choose the best course of action.

The 5/16-inch long, thickset, and honey-colored female moisture ants are described. Male moisture ants with wings are 1/8 inch long, slim, and black. The workers are reddish in colour and 1/8 inch long.


Ants that prefer the damp will typically build their nests in rotting wood. Moisture ants adore sweets and frequently enter homes to eat any sugar that is left exposed. They can cause decay in a person’s home since they live in wood, and their tunnelling will undermine the construction of a home.


Moisture ants consume both live and dead insects as well as plant sap.


Ant colonies can eventually number up to several thousand people and are initiated by a single pregnant female (queen). The colony produces reproductive ants (males and queens) during the summer and fall, and it is during this period that you will observe ants swarming for 2 to 7 days.

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