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Raccoon Removal

In Vancouver and other cities and municipalities, Blitz Pest Control specialises in entrance point exclusion and the humane removal of raccoons and their families.

In Vancouver and the rest of the lower peninsula, raccoons are a prevalent urban pest that will go to great efforts to locate a cosy location to reside. They are incredibly flexible. Raccoons have established successful homes in urban settings and have even started to infest homes.

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Humane Removal Methods

Raccoons frequently have many den sites—up to 20! And it’s all contained in a few square blocks. Most likely, the raccoons you and your neighbour share are the same.

Nearly anything can be destroyed by raccoons in order to get access to a prospective den or food supply. To obtain access to a potential den or food supply, they will rip off roofs, soffits, chimney covers, facia boards, or sheds. In their pursuit of grubs and earthworms, they frequently cause damage to gardens and lawns. Chaffer beetles, a favourite feast of raccoons, are known to a large number of individuals in the Vancouver, British Columbia, area. The soil of front and backyard lawns are frequently used by the chaffer beetle to bury its larvae. Raccoons are capable of tearing chaffer beetle larvae-infested lawns to pieces.

Despite the fact that most people consider raccoons to be pests, the specialists at Bltz Pest Control always employ the most humane removal techniques and always put baby raccoons back with their mother to give them the best chance of surviving.

Raccoon Removal And Clean-Up Experts

Keep them out!

The scraping therefore ceases. When will it begin once more? Month after? Next year?

We always include blocking all potential access points as part of our procedure (Entry Point Exclusion). Even though we would adore the chance to earn your repeat business, our objective is to make sure that all potential entry points—from the roof to the foundation—are effectively sealed the first time so that raccoons cannot enter your house or structure again.

Raccoons are now considered the most common wildlife carrier of disease. In attics and wall voids, the build-up of feces and urine can constitute a health hazard. Westside Pest Control specializes in complete Raccoon removal and Raccoon related clean-ups.

Raccoon Prevention Tips

Raccoon prevention tips:

  • To prevent tipping, use sturdy garbage cans with lockable lids and strategically place them.
  • Tree limbs should not touch rooftops.
  • chimney caps
  • patch any leaking roofs and walls.
  • Lock garage and shed doors at night and in the evening.
  • Pet food should not be near cat doors.

If you are going to attempt to seal the entry points, make sure the raccoons are out first!

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