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Businesses are not exempt from issues with rodents, birds, insects, and wildlife.
The professional and qualified exterminators at Blitz tailor your pest control maintenance schedule to your company’s unique requirements.

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The inspector discovered numerous rat droppings in the attic when we recently sold the home. One of the topics for the conclusion of our house deal was the elimination of rodents, cleaning of the attic, and cleaning of the crawl space. My renters gave me the contact information for this company, and the experts arrived the next day, spent eight hours manually removing all the droppings from the attic and crawl space, and then shared before and after photos with our inspector and realtor. They also set up traps for monthly rat control service and sprayed disinfectant within the attic. I appreciate the speedy service so much. I called a lot of businesses, but it seems like this is the only one that offers attic cleaning services. When we buy a new house, I’ll most definitely use your service once more very soon.


Working With Your Business To Create A Safe Workspace

No job is too big or too small for Blitz Pest Control. Basically, if you consider it a problem, then so do we. After all, it’s your business, you want your staff and customers to feel safe.

Maintenance Programs

Commercial and industrial pest control programs are Blitz Pest Control’s area of expertise. To meet the demands of your company, Blitz Pest Management can create a maintenance program that addresses everything from pigeon removal and clean to rodent prevention and pest control.

For Hiccup-certified breweries, major construction sites, nursing homes, golf courses, and other large and small industrial and commercial buildings, we provide specific pest management solutions. Blitz Pest Control can keep your pests under control no matter what your needs are.

If you get in touch with us right away, we’ll be pleased to send one of our professionals for a thorough examination and provide you with a free detailed maintenance quote through email.



Regardless of whether we are performing a rodent knockdown, an ant treatment, or providing a quote for an ongoing maintenance program, every Blitz Pest Control service begins with a comprehensive inspection. Our expert specialists will be able to keep your facility free of pests more successfully the more information we have about your institution. Contacting us online or by phone will allow you to schedule an inspection.

One-time services

Our labour is not always ongoing. Particularly when it comes to pest and bird management. If properly treated the first time, many insects, especially wood-eating pests like termites and carpenter ants, can be permanently removed. The staff at Blitz Pest Control is qualified to offer the most thorough inspections in the business when it comes to termites and carpenter ants. This means that when it comes time for treatment, we can specifically target concealed termite and carpenter ant populations.



When Blitz Pest Control exterminates rodents or wildlife, the main goal is always to block off any potential entry sites. Blitz Pest Control is reducing the monthly expense and any pest concerns that might develop in the future by offering entrance point exclusion. Many facilities still need routine pest control even after shutting points of entrance. For restaurants, multi-unit residential complexes, and food processing facilities, having a proactive pest control programme in place is beneficial to business.

Insect Control

Blitz Pest Control technicians have extensive experience in managing Carpenter Ant and Termite problems within warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

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Rodent Management

Rodents can cause contamination damage to property, food, and other supplies. Our focus is on preventing pest damage and keeping your facility safe and rodent free. We do this by locating and sealing off access points to the structure, placing anti rodent devices in the best strategic locations and communicating clearly any recommendations to our clients.

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Bird Control

Pest birds can cause property damage to roofs and ventilation systems, they can also spread disease. Our Technicians have extensive experience in managing bird problems.

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Commercial Bird Control

Your neighborhood bird control professionals are Blitz Pest Control. Some of Metro Vancouver’s largest commercial and industrial sites have been successfully kept free of birds by our team. We are experts in shock track, netting, low profile bird wire, and bird spike. Pigeons are also caught and removed by us.

Have pigeons roosting on storefront signs, nesting in parking lots, or relaxing on the edge of roofs? Call us right away for a written bird control quotation and an on-site examination.

Installations of low-profile bird wire, bird nets, and bird spikes on commercial and industrial premises are shown below.

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Commericial Pest Control Services Include

  • Industrial Pest Management Programs

  • Pigeon prevention and other bird control

  • Pest related clean-ups including crawlspaces.

  • Rat control

  • Mouse control

  • Wildlife control

  • Bird control

  • Carpenter ant control

  • Wasp removal

  • Rodent elimination

  • Entry point exclusion

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We believe that today’s businesses want a dependable service. Blitz Pest  technicians are equipped with the most up-to-date inspection and pest control equipment and are committed to providing an innovative methodology solution for each assignment.

Our highly trained and certified team goes above and beyond to provide clients with dedicated and dependable support.

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