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Pest Clean-Ups in British Columbia

For commercial and industrial organisations, Blitz Pest Control specialises in pest clean-ups. Everything from rat and pigeon droppings to dirty and broken insulation is cleaned and removed by us.

You name it, we can clean it: attic, crawlspace, garage, shed, ceiling, high-rise balcony, or wall void.

Bird, rodent, and other wildlife cleanups are another service we offer for homes.

We provide free written estimates and before & after pictures (if you want to see them) for every clean-up.

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Residential Clean-Up

Residential Clean-Up

You can rely on us to clean up your garage, attic, or basement because we offer the most thorough clean-up service in the pest industry. All clean-ups are handled by us!

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Commercial Clean-Up

Commercial Clean-Up

a tricky situation? To return your company to a clean and safe working environment, Westside Pest Control provides commercial clean-up services.

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Clean Ups Completed By Our Technicians

Pigeon droppings and other trash are removed from pigeon nesting and roosting places by Blitz Pest Control Experts prior to the installation of efficient bird control techniques.

Pigeons imprint pheromones at nesting site locations. In addition to control methods such as bird netting, bird spikes and bird gel, using correct products and cleaning methods is key removing the imprinted pheromones to prevent future pigeon infestations

High-Rise Rope Access Bird Poop Clean-up

Our personnel are trained and certified in the use of boom and scissor lifts. Together with our extensive internal training, we also receive training and certification from Bird Barrier and Bird-B-Gone.

Blitz Pest Control handles every aspect of challenging bird jobs. We can remove bird droppings from balconies, office towers, and warehouses, among other places.

Pegion Clean-ups

Crawl Space Pest Clean Ups

Blitz Techs constantly go above and beyond to ensure that your attic or crawlspace is immaculate. Vlad, one of our technicians, exhibits his commitment to doing a thorough clean-up in this BC home.

completed a recent project for a BC house. Our professionals thoroughly cleaned the crawlspace by eradicating all signs of bugs and food waste. Pests can spread a wide variety of germs and dangerous diseases, therefore it’s crucial to perform a complete cleaning using the appropriate disinfectant solutions and safety equipment.

Birds Made A Mess Of Your Property?

We do pigeon and other bird clean ups!

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Experts in Pest Clean-Ups

Grossed out by cleaning your stuff that’s been infested by rodents?

By filling out our online form or calling us on WhatsApp, you can quickly schedule your residential or business clean up.

Blitz Pest Control preforms clean-up services in attics and crawlspaces. In addition to removing all droppings and soiled material, we also sanitize services, re-insulate and re-poly, giving you full piece of mind that your attic or crawlspace has been remediated properly. See pictures below.
 When the scratching in the wall stops, what next?

Animals like rodents and birds can leave behind unsightly debris, ruin priceless insulation, and deteriorate the air quality in your house or place of business. If a potential home buyer requests an inspection, the mess your uninvited visitors leave behind may deter them in addition to being a health risk to you and your family. Attic, crawlspace, and other pest-related clean-ups are Blitz Pest Control’s specialty. We return your house or place of business to its pristine, wholesome state. Bird droppings can be exceedingly ugly and extremely poisonous, ruining the beauty of a structure or home. Allow us to tidy it up for you!

Garage Clean Ups

Better Then The Best Blitz Pests!

Pests Got You In A Sticky Mess? No Mess Is A Match For Our Expert Clean-Up Techs. Click to get quotes

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