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Fire Ant Control In British Columbia

A common annoyance in the spring and summer are fire ants. In Greater BC, these bothersome and invasive insects wreck havoc on lawns. In order to get rid of the fire ants so that the kids may play soccer once more and you can rest in a chair on the lawn, Blitz Pest Control employs a methodical and efficient strategy.

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Fire Ant Treatment

How We Safely Treat Your Grass For Fire Ants

Our fire ant treatments are reasonably priced and don’t cause too much damage to the house. No more grass or garden is disturbed by our technicians than is strictly necessary. We start our treatments by precisely locating the fire ant nests, including those that are buried deep in the soil. Nest locations are then identified and marked using an organic insect monitor in a precise grid pattern across the entire property.

Our skilled professionals mark the damaged regions, then excavate and treat small circular parts of the ground. We disturb and treat only the damaged regions. Over the course of two weeks, the entire procedure is performed three times.

Since fire ant nests are frequently hidden deep under the ground and lack a noticeable mound, conventional surface treatments are ineffective against them. On fire ants, surface treatments may have the opposite impact. These cunning insects may shift the nest to a different spot on the property or go into overdrive with reproduction if they feel threatened. Home cures for fire ants won’t work in this situation. Starting with professional therapies is definitely necessary.

The kids can resume playing soccer when Blitz Pest Control has finished its fire ant control services, and you can regain control of your garden.

Managing Fire Ants In British Columbia

How Do You Identify Fire Ants

  • Fire ants are reddish brown in colour and roughly 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length.

  • The fire ants mostly invading the west coast however, are European Fire Ants which reside in nests completely below ground showing no sign of evidence on the surface. To this end, Fire ants in British Columbia can be a very challenging insect to locate.

How To Prevent European Fire Ants

The best way to avoid European fire ants is to practise caution when gardening and landscaping. Regularly turn over stones and boulders. Due to how quickly their colonies move from one property to the next, European fire ants are almost tough to eradicate. Avoiding bringing in any unfamiliar soil without having it thoroughly inspected first is one of the strongest safeguards. In the past, some reputable garden centres and landscaping businesses unintentionally supplied a lot of people tainted soil, which swiftly spread European fire ants to numerous locations of Metro Vancouver and the neighbouring areas. Once more, research is essential before buying fill or dirt.

One of the best ways to prevent fire ants is through inspections. Without disturbing the earth, Blitz Pest Management has a tried-and-true approach for locating fire ant colonies across an entire property.

Fire Ant Fact:

European Fire Ants, or myrmica rubra, are starting to become a major issue for Vancouver home owners. Removal of soil from the property is not a permitted or effective means of eradication. In most cases a residential property will contain 20-30 nests with multiple queens and also likely that the fire ants are invading neighbouring properties as well. Communication with neighbours is paramount to increase the chances of successful eradication.

Blitz Pest Control Does Fire Ant Exterminations!

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Fighting Fire Ants In Vancouver

Myrmica rubra, often known as the European Fire Ant, is an orange-red insect that is approximately an eighth of an inch long. They typically construct their nests underneath or under large boulders, and if disturbed, they become fiercely protective. Similar to a wasp sting, their sting is highly unpleasant and will continue to hurt for some time after the initial bite. Because of their aggressive nature and vicious bites, fire ants earned their name. If you disturb a nest and accidentally approach too closely, the numerous bites will make your skin feel like it is on fire. These insects are not to be trifled with. Don’t let the quantity of fire ants increase on your property. Get a specialist to examine your home, identify the precise locations of the nests, and perform targeted treatments.

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If you suspect you might have Fire Ants in your yard, call us immediately! It’s important to catch them early and remove a nest before a colony grows out of control. Get in touch with us today by submitting our contact form and we’ll call you right back to book your appointment

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