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Pharaoh Ants are a particularly tricky species of ants to control. Traditionally not native to BC, they have made a name for themselves in apartment buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, and other places where lots of people live close together.

Pharaoh Ants are teeny-tiny ants, golden yellow/red colored, nearly transparent and almost invisible when standing above them. They are also very intelligent ants – if they suspect something is wrong, they move immediately and go into reproductive overdrive, producing more queens. They can produce multiple queens and “bud” creating new colonies in other parts of a building very quickly if under stress. Yikes is right!!

Pharaoh Ant remediation usually requires multiple treatments to fully eradicate the problem.

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Pharaoh Ant Control

Pharaoh Ants fall in the “hard to prevent” category. These tiny, delicate ants are almost invisible when standing above them. Inside your home they nest in wall voids, behind baseboards, in furniture and under floors.

Blitz Pest Control team can treat both residential single-family homes, multi-unit condos, as well commercial facilities for Pharaoh Ants.

With Pharaoh Ants early remediation is very important and home DIY methods are not recommended.


Our treatments are safe, pet and child-friendly, and we use non-invasive products to treat the targeted areas. Treatment of Pharaoh Ants includes using an Ant Bait Application, a highly attractive, formulated ant bait.

Pharaoh Ants are very persistent and difficult to eliminate, with a minimum of 3 treatments required in most cases. When treating a multi-unit building, it is necessary to treat ALL units to avoid making the ants spread.

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Pharaoh Ant FAQs

Think you might have Pharaoh Ants? Here is some more information so you can get to know the Pharaoh ant a bit better.

Pharaoh ants are not going to bite or sting you, but they could transfer disease.

Pharaoh ants have been implicated in the spread of more than a dozen disease pathogens  including salmonella and Streptococcus pyogenes. They are notorious for being a major nuisance in hospitals where they can enter wounds, enter IV bottles and can sometimes even seek moisture from the mouths of sleeping patients.

Because they’re so small, they can get into even the most secure food packaging. This means that they may contaminate food (make the food unsafe) with germs they pick up travelling through buildings.

Pharaoh ant treatment involves an initial visit and then follow-up visits. For single family homes the cost for treatments range from $125-$250 per visit, depending on the size of the property being treated. Multi-unit condos are typically charged for the first unit, then for each additional unit. For multi-unit condos and commercial spaces, we can arrange an onsite visit to determine the extent of the issue and quote appropriately. Chat with us for a quotation.

Pharaoh ants are tiny, even by ant standards. Workers are 1.5 to 2 mm long, or about 1/16 of an inch. Pharaoh ants are also very thin, accurately described as delicate. In fact, they are so small that often, people don’t immediately realize that they are ants. They are also golden yellow/red color, which sets them apart from most ant species.

Pharaoh ant colonies can be huge, with the number of workers reaching into hundreds of thousands. And unlike many other types of ant, Pharaoh ants can have more than one queen in a nest. A large mature colony could have hundreds of reproductive queens creating eggs and helping the nest grow rapidly.

Like other ants, Pharaoh ants come to the home seeking food and water. They are attracted to sweet and fatty foods, and are drawn to places of high moisture. This could be an areas where you have a leaky pipe, or even standing water like pet’s water bowl.

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