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Bat Eviction and Removal

All Greater Vancouver residences, businesses, warehouses, and other locations can benefit from Blitz Pest Control’s bat eviction services.

Our professionals will install one-way bat cones and then seal cracks in siding, vents, and chimneys to help safeguard your house or building.

Why Are Bats A Pest Issue?

In fact, bats play a significant role in the management of mosquito and other insect populations. But bats can also transmit a wide range of illnesses, including

  • Rabies – With a bat bite, this disease is spread. Probably the most widespread sickness linked to bats that can affect both people and animals. You may become very ill with rabies, and in rare instances, you may even pass away.
  • Histoplasmosis – a condition that typically affects the lungs. It is brought on by bat poo (guano), which can become extremely toxic when fungus grows on it. Other illnesses like SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), ebola, marburg, and nipah have all been connected to bats.

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7 Steps to Managing Bats in Buildings

Know the Bat Basics

The BC Wildlife Act protects bats, a group of species that is both environmentally and commercially vital. Only during the proper season can bats be removed safely and delicately.

Assess The Situation

Where do bats sleep at night? The picture to the right illustrates every opening or crevice a bat could utilise to enter or exit a home. A nocturnal roost, perhaps? Night roosts, which include covered patios, doorways, and carports, are locations that bats temporarily use at night to rest in between feeding sessions. Although bats are rarely spotted, droppings can be noticed early in the day. Is removing the bats necessary? If they have little opportunity to interact with people, there is no reason to evict them.

Protect Human Living Space

By caulking cracks in floor joists and other access sites between roost and human dwelling spaces, you can stop guano and bats from getting inside the human habitations.

Identify Entry and Exit Points

Search for obvious indicators of bat ingress. They can include accumulated guano below the entry site or brown stains on the walls where they squeeze in.

Install a Bat House Prior To Eviction

The likelihood of a successful and secure bat eviction increases when alternate roosting areas are made available. Build bat houses on south-facing exposures as high as you can (at least 3 1/2m (12') high), where there is at least 6 to 10 hours of sunlight each day. Branches, structures, or poles shouldn't be placed in front of or below bat houses; instead, they should be built in a clear space. Utilize only sizable, multiple-chambered designs, such as a two- or four-chambered rocket or nursery box.

Evict bats using one-way exit device at appropriate time of year

To prevent trapping bats within the building, use a one-way exit mechanism (such a bat cone). Hence, bats will be able to leave but not come back in. In the period from May 1 to September 1 known as the "maternity season," evictions and exclusions are not allowed. Evictions should ideally occur in the fall (September or October). Before beginning an eviction, look for bats.

Seal Roost To Exclude Bats From Building

Clean out guano and remove soiled insulation. All entry and exit points have to be sealed completely as bats can enter through 12mm (1/2”) holes and cracks.
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