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Pest Entry Point Exclusion

You can easily prevent pests, animals, and rats from entering your home with the aid of blitz Pest Control.

To protect your house from pest invasion, our professionals will identify and seal off any potential access points (Entry Point Exclusion).

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Keep Them Out!! So the scratching stops. When will it start again? Next month? Next year?

How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home?

We always include blocking all potential access points as part of our procedure (Entry Point Exclusion). Even though we would adore the chance to earn your repeat business, our objective is to make sure that all potential access points—from the roof to the foundation—are sealed off so that rodents like raccoons can’t return to your house or structure.

To stop a future pest issue, you don’t even need to have a present one! For a house entry point inspection, give us a call. Our skilled technicians will examine and locate any unauthorised possible entry points, show you photographs on the spot, and provide you with a written cost estimate for the necessary repairs.

And we don’t fear heights at all! The specialists at Blitz Pest Control are certified in fall protection, insured, and use harnesses and other safety gear as required.

You live there. It’s not the animal’s!

Blocking Off Entry Points From Rodent Access

Blitz Pest Control sealed up entry points on a home in Vancouver. Our Technicians installed wiring to prevent mice and rats from entering the home.

Worried Rodent are Getting into your Home? Call for Help

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Need Help Blocking Up Entry Points To Your Home?

Experts In Entry Point Exclusion To Prevent Rodents

Free entrance point exclusion estimations can be provided over the phone after a few short inquiries. Call the BC Pest Control professionals now.

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“Skunks digging under the foundation of a Church in Richmond. Westside Pest Control removed the Skunks and secured galvanized mesh deep below the surface to keep them out for good!”

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Better Then The Best Blitz Pests!

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We think that reliable service is what today’s businesses seek. The most modern inspection and pest control tools are available to Blitz Pest professionals, who are also committed to offering each assignment a novel technique solution.

For the purpose of giving clients devoted and dependable support, our highly qualified and certified team goes above and beyond.

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